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Android Developer in love with Kotlin

Application Design Patterns

In this post, I will describe how I use the MVVM pattern with Firebase. This post assumes you are familiar with the MVVM architecture and have some experience with LiveData and coroutines. All code is written in Kotlin.

If you have read about MVVM with Android, the below diagram is what you are most likely familiar with.

However, with Cloud Firestore, we can remove the last two parts of it. This is because Firestore provides its own local cache. An (additional) local cache is not needed or recommended. …

It is the beginning of the new college year, thousands of students are leaving their schools for the first time and entering College. Some of them are well-versed with Java. One of the first questions these people ask are I know Java upto XX, what should I do now? Should I learn a new programming language? Should I learn more Java? What do I do?

It’s a really good question when you think of it. I was asking the same questions 2 years back. This article intends to answer a part of that question.What you can do with your limited…

If you have ever made a stopwatch app in android, you will know how difficult it actually is to implement one. A stopwatch can be seen as a pretty basic widget in many apps - not counting the numerous stopwatch apps on the playstore, many apps need a stopwatch directly visible to the user. These can include fitness tracking apps, freelancing apps, time trackers and many more.

Creating a stopwatch requires you to create a separate thread to keep track of the time and then post the updates on the UI thread (you cant update the UI from a separate…

Yashovardhan Dhanania

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